Office and Facility Cleaning


Maid to Perfection® understands the importance of your company's image and office appearance. We believe that our trained professionals can provide you with the highest level of performance on a consistent basis. Maid to Perfection® uses a superior system of labor management which helps to prevent deterioration in the quality of service. We view our business relationship as a team effort to help your company maintain its high image.

Apartment/Condominium Maintenance

Peace of Mind Assurance

Finally, a cleaning company that can provide reliable service over the long run. We at Maid to Perfection® have specialized in providing Apartment Complexes and Condominium Communities with comprehensive service since 1980. We understand the importance of maintaining deadlines for move-ins and can work around constant schedule changes. We also offer amenity service for your tenants which can help both draw new residents and help to keep the ones you have.

Comprehensive Package

Maid to Perfection® is the ideal company to maintain your common areas. We can design a low-cost program to meet the needs of your facilities and budget. Consistency in service is our goal. Our superior systems and methods provide us with the tools necessary to support a strong quality control plan. Supervision of labor is what sets us apart from our competition and is the key to managing your facilities.

Carpet/Floor Cleaning

Floor Stripping and Refinishing

Proper floor maintenance is the key to extending the life of your tile floors. Maid to Perfection® can provide you with the professional service needed to remove old finish and replace it with a high-grade poly-thermal finish for long wear.

You will be amazed at how newly-cleaned floors will affect both co-workers and clients. Maid to Perfection® makes the difference.

Power Scrubbing

Power scrubbing can clean and restore grouted tile floors neglected by ordinary nightly mopping. Our special grit brush power scrubbing process will remove years of built-up grease and dirt that has been liquefied and imbedded into the grout.

All of our selected chemicals are environmentally safe and comply with Federal Government guidelines. Power Scrubbing is a specialized cleaning area not offered by most cleaning contractors.

High Speed Floor Care

Maid to Perfection® will bring your floor finish to a resilient shine that will reflect the high company image you are seeking. Our floor process will truly create a clean working environment and show your clients that your firm is dedicated to efficiency.

Maid to Perfection® wants to show you how our international floor care experience will be a positive reflection for your clients.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a serious issue. Protecting your investment in your floor coverings can be achieved with Maid to Perfection's customized maintenance program.

Whether you require annual, semi-annual or monthly service, Maid to Perfection® has a cost-effective program for you. We will return the luster to carpet and extend its useful life.

Post-Construction Cleaning

The Right Place at The Right Time!

Maid to Perfection® has developed a streamlined system for cleaning your properties. We totally understand the importance of settlement dates, as well as the cosmetic detail needed to produce your finished product.

When time is of the essence, Maid to Perfection® can work around the late schedules of other contractors and get the job done right the First Time... Every Time.

Customer Service During Punch-Out

Maid to Perfection® has a total package of comprehensive service available.

From Rough Cleaning to Touch-up...

Maid to Perfection® adds Peace of Mind to your busy schedule. That's why we lead the industry!

Window Washing

Maid to Perfection® does a large volume of window cleaning throughout our system in all types of weather - year round. Dependability you can rely on... time after time!

  • Professional Staff
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Cost-Effective Pricing
  • Insured and Bonded
  • Quality Assurance

We strive hard to meet your expectations. Maid to Perfection® is a company that stands behind its name. We've cleaned windows of every type and description since 1980. Your next step is to call and schedule your appointment.


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